Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Then & Now, Before & After

Before: Size 20 - 118kg
Now: Size 12 - 78kg
Goal: 70kg :)
How: Be consistent, monitor myself, eat small healthy meals regularly, small parts of exercise throughout the day

Who said big girls shouldn't wear bikinis?

Purple lace sweetheart open waist dress: $69.95 @ Dotti
White lace open waist dress: $39.95 @ Jay Jays

I love these bikini dresses! It is like God's answer to anyone who dreams of wearing bikinis or midrifts without feeling "exposed"! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bringing the horse to the water

Hi guys, Vent time!

I am sick of certain people saying "You can bring the horse to the water but you cannot make them drink it". Has it occurred to you the horse maybe allergic to the water you are giving them, it might have negative impacts or repercussions on their system or they do not like it? How about finding out the horses' requirements and needs and finding a water source suited to their liking and needs? In addition, motivate, inspire, show them the benefits that will happen when they drink it and the dangers if they don't drink it.

The horse is only going to drink it it is suitable for them, benefits them and they like the taste.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Almost there

Hi guys,

I been wanting to wear midrifts ever since Britney Spears Baby One more Time and now I can. I know I don't have a body like Britney, Beyonce, Pink etc but I don't care. I took Trish's (blndsundoll4mj on Youtube) advise and just put the clothes on my body. This entire outfit only costs $40.

Jeans from Ice: $10 (One size fits all)
Singlet from Supre: $10 (XL)
Jumper from Chickabooti $20

So hopefully by Summer, I will have a bikini body. You may ask me why do you want a bikini body? That visualistion is the only thing that will keep me eating healthy. I had a car accident early this year which damaged discs in my spine and the back of my neck so won't be able to exercise for a while. I don't care if I look fat in these jeans or in this midrift. Haters will always hate. All you girls and guys out there, you are beautiful. I don't care about your body shape or if your limbs are missing. I think you are beautiful!!! xxx

Fit February Challenge completed

Hi guys,

Sorry for my slackness. After many requests of "Did you complete the Fit February Challengë?". I couldn't put this in my last blog so here is the Fit Febuary challenge I completed last year. I did 29 classes in 26 days! Was really thrilled at the time I did before February even finished.


Pictures throughout weight loss journey:

Hi guys,

Sorry I been away for a long time. I didn't know people were actually reading by blog except for one of my best mates (http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com.au/). Thanks for your personal e-mails and support. Instead of e-mailing you all individually, here are my answers:

Q: How much weight have you lost so far and how did you do it?
A: 40kg to date and I want to lose another 7. Eating healthy, exercising consistently. Moreover, I had a good personal trainer who really helped me initially with my motivation and overcoming self-esteem and confidence issues that I had

Q: I find temptation so hard. I am surrounded by yummy food. How do I avoid it?
A: Think about your goal or health condition. For me, I have a put pictures of cute outfits, Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce on my phone wearing my favourite outfits on my phone. So whenever I am tempted with a cake, the bikini, jeans, cute little dress tempts me even more to avoid it. You can have it now and then, just not too often. I have a condition called dermatological PCOS which I have to think about as well.

Q: My boyfriend says he is going to leave me if I lose more weight. My last boyfriend left me when I gained weight. I see you wear clothes without worrying about your figure/skin. Do you get people bullying you about this? What do they say and how does it make you feel? What should I do?
A: You should do what YOU want to do. Forget guys. I personally lost weight because I had a health scare. If he can't support what's best for you, then it's his problem. I wear what I want, I live how I want. In life you have to be able to live with yourself more than anyone, so do whatever makes you happy. It's not like you are hurting anyone.

I get people telling me all the time; you look fat in that dress, you have pimples on your arms; you should cover them up. These are people my family. I don't need anyone to tell me what success is. I define my own success. I don't need anyone's approval.

Check out my girl Olivia's blog - http://www.waituntilthesunset.com/. She is beautiful and has a very supportive husband. She wears trendy all the time.

Like Trish says if you want a bikini body - do it in 3 easy steps; get a body, get a bikini and put it on. Doesn't matter what other people think

Ok guys. Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions. I love you and see you!